When planning your launch, you might find yourself wondering what percentage of backers will choose physical rewards and how many will go the digital route? You also might be surprised when some choose no reward at all. In this session, Tyler dives deep into the numbers to help you know what you might expect for a backer distribution the next time you launch.

Highlights of this Session Include:

  • Learn what’s “normal” when it comes to digital/physical distribution of rewards.
  • What does and doesn’t affect your digital / physical distribution of rewards?
  • What % of backers are likely to choose no reward at all, and what that tells us about KIckstarter Backers?
  • Plus: An Audible book recommendation from one of my all-time favorite authors.

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Audible Impact Recommendation

“This is Marketing” by Seth Godin
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ComixLauncher [188]

  • Go look at YOUR last Kickstarter or all of your Kickstarters and crunch YOUR numbers.
  • Shoot me an email and share your results.
  • Haven’t launched… Go find THREE projects in your genre and crunch their numbers.

Let’s say you’ve got a great idea for a giveaway to grow your email list and you’ve set everything up… what do you do now? How do you get people to enter your giveaway, and what can you do after they climb on board your list to warm them up to a future Kickstarter launch? All that and much more is covered in Part 2 of this Viral Giveway training episode!

Highlights of this Session Include:

  • 9 Places to promote your viral giveaway to get the right people to enter
    Facebook ad strategies to get in front of thousands at a low cost
  • How to craft an engagement sequence to quickly warm up cold subscribers who enter your contest
  • Tips for delivering your grand prize and how NOT to pay to ship it!
  • Plus: Kickstarter is changing it’s approach to email notifications.

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In this free workshop, I’ll answer the most common questions creators ask me all the time about Facebook ads, including:

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✔ How do YOU use Facebook ads and get real results with them for your creative projects?

This is the training I wish existed 5 years ago when I first started dabbling into FB Ads, as it would have cleared up a whole lot of fear and confusion… (and would’ve made me a lot more sales!)
I don’t know anyone else in our space who is teaching this stuff specifically for comic creators, publishers, writers & artists, so I’m excited to demystify FB ads for my tribe!

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I’l see you at the FB Ads Demystified workshop and can’t wait to see what you launch next!

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Generate 3 unique ideas for viral giveaways you could do for your creative business.

What’s the best way to energize and grow you Kickstarter email launch list fast in the lead up to your campaign? Have you tried a viral giveaway? In this two part training, Tyler breaks down the blueprint for a successful viral giveaway to grow your audience and prime them for your Kickstarter.

Highlights of this Session Include:

  • What is a viral giveaway and how does it work?
  • 4 Secrets to viral giveaway success.
  • The Best Tools for Running a Viral Giveaway
  • Plus: Pro-tips for choosing what to giveaway.

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Make a list of 10 sexy products that people who are your ideal customer would love to receive.

You’ll want to bookmark this episode the next time you build a Kickstarter page because in it, Tyler shares 37 Kickstarter page elements that build trust with backers and lead to a successful launch! And the best part… this entire episode was generated with the help of the ComixLaunch community.

Highlights of This Session Include:

  • Seldom used but super powerful images to include on your Kickstarter page.
  • Why treating your “Risks & Challenges” section as an after thought is weak, and what to say that makes it clear to backers you’re legit.
  • A dozen subtle social proof elements that lead backers to be confident in trusting you with their hard earned money.
  • Plus: Some stats on comics Kickstarter’s record-breaking 2018!

This Session’s Featured Resource is Bluehost.

Go to ComixLaunch.com/bluehost for a special discount on domain registration and website hosting.

The 37 Kickstarter Page Elements:

  1. Pro Endorsements
  2. Critic Review Comments
  3. Critic quotes on a gif
  4. Links to Positive Advanced Reviews
  5. Published proven track record of creators
  6. Pictures of the entire creative team we can see who created this (not anonymous)
  7. Bringing on a professional colorist, and professional letterer, and listing their credentials
  8. Major Company Logos – Claiming a “world class creative team” followed by well known logos of places the team members have worked
  9. Listing previous Kickstarter successes
  10. The comic is already 100% complete and ready to print
  12. Example finished artwork on the page
  13. Extended Preview – Digital Ashcan available
  14. Shared project timeline
  15. Includes CONTINGENCY in the timeline
  16. Shared specific details of packaging –
  17. Assurance that the fulfillment is being handled in house.
  18. Qualifying the need to tell THIS story
  19. Projects we love endorsement status from Kickstarter
  20. the goal. Doesn’t feel like an overreach
  21. “Who Will Love” section means they know their audience.
  22. Taking the “Risks and Challenges” section seriously
  23. An introduction video of the Project.
  24. In the video, both writer and artist address the backer.
  25. The out take is humanizing Joe Mulvey.
  26. Professional looking rewards mocked up
  27. Reward tier structure WITH the images of the products gives a professional look.
  28. Kickstarter-endorsed, part 2: the project was selected for the “Make 100” designation
  29. All or nothing funding: this project will only get funded if it reaches its goals, so backers don’t have to fear creators taking their money and running
  30. The main reasons for the Kickstarter. A backstory of why the Project is being created in the first place.
  31. Updates on the project itself. (Updated constantly.)
  32. Creators holding Wailing Blade sword in their photos.
  33. Close-up of different covers, definitely not hiding anything there.
  34. Future plans for conventions and in-store signings
  35. photos w/ fans at conventions lends legitimacy
  36. Declaration of how many stretch goals have already been met.
  37. Free US Shipping so the price is up front

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ComixLauncher [185]

Log into Kickstarter. Start a new project or if you’re working on a project now, go ahead and open it. Open the STORY section of your Kickstarter page. Type in 5 ideas you got for things to include in your page from this episode.


“What’s amazing about these projects is that they don’t need mass appeal to be successful or make an impact in the creator’s community, independent creators can make something unconventional and niche with 100 backers or less… That kind of intimate and direct connection between creator and backer is way more meaningful than followers or likes.” – Camila Zhang (Kickstarter Comics Outreach Lead)