President of Scout Comics & Entertainment, Inc. James Haick returns to the Comixlaunch podcast to talk about the innovative moves SCOUT is making to shake up the world of creator-owned comics.

Highlights of this Session Include:

  • James’ road from solo-comic creator to heading up Scout comics.
  • What James and Scout are looking for in the books they publish.
  • Innovative strategies and new opportunities for creators in and out of the direct market.
  • Plus: Tyler answers ComixLaunch listener Mindy Indy’s voicemail question about what her lowest priced tier should be

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Today’s Featured Guest:

James Haick III is the creator/writer of Solar Flare, Long Live Pro Wrestling and the co-creator and co-writer for The Mall from Scout Comics. James also serves as President of Scout Comics & Entertainment, Inc. Scout Comics & Entertainment, Inc. develops, publishes and launches creator-owned comics. Some of Scout’s successful series include Stabbity Bunny, The Source, and The Mall.

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Go buy a Scout Comic!

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@scoutcomics on Twitter and Instagram
@jameshaick on Twitter

If fear is getting in the way of you actually launching your crowdfunding projects or going after your creative pursuits in a major way, this episode could change your future!

Highlights of This Session Include:

  • Why FEAR underlies almost all the objections creators have to launching projects on Kickstarter
  • How successful people view fear differently than most
  • What it takes to get past your fear and actually launch.
    Plus: An upcoming series on overcoming all of the obstacles standing in the way of your successful launch!

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Write down a list of all of your creative fears. Pick one and take an action that moves you toward facing that fear.


“The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.” – Emperor Marcus Aurelius

In this session, you’ll learn the importance of a great logline and how to craft one for your book. Tyler is joined by writer John “Scooter” Robinson, who teaches a simple, step-by-step formula any writer can use to compress even the most epic tale into a single compelling sentence that will connect with readers and make it vastly easier to sell.

Highlights of This Session Include:

  • Loads of examples of loglines you already know and why they’re effective.
  • Inside the logline formula.
  • Secret sauce that make paint-by-numbers loglines pop.
  • Plus: Tyler and John provide on-the-fly logline critiques to real creators.

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Today’s Featured Guest:

John “Scooter” Robinson is a self-proclaimed “nerd”, a writer, web designer and content creator. He is the founder of IVth Wall, the inter-dimensional fabric which separates reality from unreality. He’s the creator and writer of the independent comic book series Scorpio, host of the Wakanda IV Ever podcast, blogger at and much more.

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Take your current book or your favorite movie and craft a one-sentence logline for it following John’s logline formula.

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Tyler welcomes BOOM! Studios President and CEO Ross Richie to talk about the company’s rapid rise from humble beginnings to a top publisher in the comics industry.

Highlights of This Session Include:

  • The key milestones in the BOOM! ascension to become one of the top publishers in comics.
  • The role licensing and relationships has played in BOOM! past, present and future success.
  • Ross’ predictions for where the industry is heading and how BOOM! is making decisions based on the future trends.
  • Plus: Abrian Curington is in the ComixLaunch Pro creator spotlight this month.

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Today’s Featured Guest:

Ross Richie is the Founder, Chief Executive Officer of BOOM! Studios, which was founded in the spare bedroom of his apartment in June of 2005 — and the company went on to win Wizard Magazine’s “Best New Publisher” four months later. Since then, BOOM! has won “Publisher of the Year (under 3%)” from Diamond Comics Distributors 9 times, Eisner, Harvey, and GLAAD Awards, and published 5 New York Times best-sellers. Ross has been profiled in the Wall Street Journal, The New York and Los Angeles Times and written guest columns for The Hollywood Reporter. He produced the movie 2 Guns starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg and is currently a producer with a first look deal with 20th Century Fox. BOOM! series such as Lumberjanes, Mouse Guard, and Adventure Time have sold millions of copies worldwide and the first issue of BOOM!’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers outsold every series Marvel Comics shipped in March of 2016.

Ross has published legendary authors such as R.L. Stine, James Wan, John Carpenter, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Brian Azzarello, and George Perez, and published global brands such as Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly, Charles Schulz’ Peanuts, Jim Davis’ Garfield, Fraggle Rock, Planet of the Apes… and many many more.

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Read a few articles or guest posts on your favorite comic book website and then send an email introducing yourself to someone who you’d like to know better, using that article as your entry point.

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