155 – Is a Quickstarter Right for Your Next Launch?

Have you been putting off your Kickstarter project because you’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of work involved? Imagine all of those complications and objections you have were taken away, could you launch then? In this session, Tyler breaks down what Kickstarter’s new Quickstarter initiative is, and how it just might help you overcome those obstacles holding you back from launching.

135 – The Simple Power of Theming Your Year with Writer Ryan K Lindsay

All of us are building something in this game, but what foundations are we dropping down first? The start of the year is a good time to think broadly about what you want out of the coming 12 months and this is why I always lay down an Annual Theme for things first. In this session, Ryan K Lindsay unpacks what an Annual Theme is, how it can build clarity for your mind, and what avenues it might help you explore.