The 6 Major Sales Channels for ComixTribe Comics

How many sales channels are your books selling in? In this session, Tyler breaks down the six distinct sales channels where ComixTribe books are generating revenue, and shares the exact distribution of where the money is coming from for it’s latest release.

How to Nail Your Pitch with Writer Ryan K Lindsay

Over the past several years, Ryan K Lindsay has heard the word “yes” from Black Mask, IDW, Dark Horse, DC, ComixTribe and many more. On this special session of the ComixLaunch Podcast, Tyler picks Ryan’s brain on how he’s managed to perfect his pitching process to attract the interest of artists, editors and fans.

Creating a Professional Development In-Person Event for Comic Creators – Tyler James Hotseat [MasterMind Session]

Tables are turned and ComixLaunch Host Tyler James finds himself in the hotseat. In this session, Tyler talks about a calling and vision for a live, in-person professional development conference for comic creators and gets some feedback and great questions to think about from a mastermind of creator peers. And the best part… YOU get to be a fly on the wall for this conversation!

How Do I Reach a New Audience and Grow My Fan Base? – Karl Kesel Hotseat [MasterMind Session]

Karl Kesel’s (Section Zero) projects have raised over $100,000.00 on Kickstarter, but he’s struggling to grow his fan base and reach a new audience for his work. In this session, he’s joined by fellow members of the “six-figures in funding” club including Russell Nohelty, Dirk Manning and Tyler James to brainstorm golden opportunities and new strategies for Karl to build upon his fan base and take it to new heights!

Strategies for Raising the Price on Your Comics and Feeling Great About It

How much should you charge when pricing comics? While conventional wisdom suggests that creators should charge the going rate (around $4 US) it is very possible sell your creator owned and independent comics for a lot more than that. In this session, Tyler shares 9 strategies that will let you charge way more than just a few bucks for your books, and still have fans happy to buy from you.

My Graphic Novel is Nearly Complete… What Now? [Coaching Call]

After pouring years into creating his first graphic novel which is finally about to be complete, creator Zach Block is now looking for a little guidance on how to proceed with getting it launched to the world. Sit in on this final coaching call with Zach and Tyler as they walk through what happens after your book is finished.

If you’re like most creators, I’m willing to bet that keeping some things up to date is a struggle for you. In this special FASTTIPFRIDAY episode of the ComixLaunch podcast, I’m going to tell you ONE thing you definitely don’t want to let get too out of date.

Clearing Out the Obstacles in the Way of Your Dreams

As creators, we face no shortage of obstacles and challenges along the way to achieving or goals. However, often many of these roadblocks are of our own creation, and if we’re not careful, we just might become the biggest thing standing in the way of our own success. In this session, Tyler helps new creator Dwayne Green sort through the many things standing in the way of his dreams and helps him forge a clearer path toward moving his creative business forward.