Strategies for Raising the Price on Your Comics and Feeling Great About It

How much should you charge when pricing comics? While conventional wisdom suggests that creators should charge the going rate (around $4 US) it is very possible sell your creator owned and independent comics for a lot more than that. In this session, Tyler shares 9 strategies that will let you charge way more than just a few bucks for your books, and still have fans happy to buy from you.

My Graphic Novel is Nearly Complete… What Now? [Coaching Call]

After pouring years into creating his first graphic novel which is finally about to be complete, creator Zach Block is now looking for a little guidance on how to proceed with getting it launched to the world. Sit in on this final coaching call with Zach and Tyler as they walk through what happens after your book is finished.

If you’re like most creators, I’m willing to bet that keeping some things up to date is a struggle for you. In this special FASTTIPFRIDAY episode of the ComixLaunch podcast, I’m going to tell you ONE thing you definitely don’t want to let get too out of date.

Clearing Out the Obstacles in the Way of Your Dreams

As creators, we face no shortage of obstacles and challenges along the way to achieving or goals. However, often many of these roadblocks are of our own creation, and if we’re not careful, we just might become the biggest thing standing in the way of our own success. In this session, Tyler helps new creator Dwayne Green sort through the many things standing in the way of his dreams and helps him forge a clearer path toward moving his creative business forward.

37 Kickstarter Page Elements That Build Trust With Backers

You’ll want to bookmark this episode the next time you build a Kickstarter page because in it, Tyler shares 37 Kickstarter page elements that build trust with backers and lead to a successful launch! And the best part… this entire episode was generated with the help of the ComixLaunch community.

How to Start Turning a Consistent Profit With My Comic [Coaching Call]

Comic creator Nathaniel Gold finally started going after his comic creating goals in the last year and has started to have some success. Now he’s looking for help playing a bigger game and trying to start generating a consistent profit from his art. In this coaching call, Tyler will share strategies to help him do just that!

Advocating for Indie Comics with Travis Gibb & Rob Andersin

In the “Indie Advocator Presents…” Travis Gibb and Rob Andersin are crowdfunding an innovative approach to getting more awareness for exciting indie comic franchises. In this session, you’ll learn about the origin of this project and how other indie creators can get involved.