The Comic Creator Crowdfunders’ Xmas List

Tyler shares four purchases for their creative businesses that ComixLaunch Pro say they are happy they have made over the years. If you have a little extra cash this holiday season, you might want to treat yourself to one of these!

Bad Faith Backers and How to Handle Them

99.9% of Kickstarter Backers are amazing… but what about the few who are not? In this session, Tyler talks about the phenomenon of bad faith backers who troll Kickstarter creators by pledging at large dollar…

Come hang out for the NIGHTMARE THEATER Roundtable as we take a look inside the success of this new cinematic horror comic anthology! Tyler James is joined by creators David Schrader, Clay Adams, David Pepose, James Powell, Jessica Maison Judd, Newton Lilavois & Terry Mayo for a lively discussion about the 225+ page book starring demons, Lovecraftian monsters, psycho killers and more that’s perfect for the Halloween season!

How to Steadily Grow an Audience on Kickstarter with Fraser Campbell

Tyler talks to Fraser Campbell, the award-winning writer of comics such as Sleeping Dogs, Alex Automatic, Heart of Steal, The Edge Off and House of Sweets, about building a steady following for diverse styles of books on Kickstarter. Fraser shares secretes behind his latest and most successful launch to date, the lo-fi sci-fi story IND-XED.