10 Lessons from a 10-Year Comic Book Project

In this end-of-the-decade session of the ComixLaunch Podcast, Tyler shares the 10 biggest lessons he’s learned over the past 10 years working on THE RED TEN series, which recently wrapped up with a final successful Kickstarter launch.

How Does an Artist Build Winning Writing Habits? [MasterMind Session]

Drawing has never been a problem for illustrator Dawn Griffin. However, she’s now finding it challenging to sit down and write out her first graphic novel and looks to a pop-up ComixLaunch Mastermind group facilitated by Tyler James including creators Erica Shultz, Abrian Curington and Melissa J Massey to help her build better writing habits.

How to Survive a Launch Freefall

What do you do when it feels like the bottom has fallen out of your launch and failure is imminent? Whether you’re a first timer or a ComixLaunch Veteran, you may still find yourself in an emotional freefall when your launch doesn’t match your expectations. In this training, Tyler provides a simple 5 step plan to stop the freefall and hit the ground running toward a successful launch.

The Highs & Lows of Being a Complete Creative with Russell Nohelty

Russell Nohelty returns to the ComixLaunch podcast for an open and honest discussion about launching novels and comics as a Complete Creative. Russell opens up about what’s working this year and what definitely is not working, and how he’s pivoting to continue to grow his business, while also returning to one of his earliest and most beloved comic creations for another run on Kickstarter.

What it Really Means When a Launch Fails

If you’re a creator who isn’t launching on Kickstarter due to fear of failure, Tyler has the cure for you in this session of ComixLaunch. In this episode, he’ll share one of his big failures this year, and why he actually doesn’t see it as a failure at all.

The Logline Formula with Scorpio’s John “Scooter” Robinson, IV

In this session, you’ll learn the importance of a great logline and how to craft one for your book. Tyler is joined by writer John “Scooter” Robinson, who teaches a simple, step-by-step formula any writer can use to compress even the most epic tale into a single compelling sentence that will connect with readers and make it vastly easier to sell.