How to Steadily Grow an Audience on Kickstarter with Fraser Campbell

Tyler talks to Fraser Campbell, the award-winning writer of comics such as Sleeping Dogs, Alex Automatic, Heart of Steal, The Edge Off and House of Sweets, about building a steady following for diverse styles of books on Kickstarter. Fraser shares secretes behind his latest and most successful launch to date, the lo-fi sci-fi story IND-XED.

Kickstarter Beast Mode: How Curtis Clow Grew His Launches from $100 to $50K+ in Just a Few Years

Curtis Clow is a comic book writer and creator whose Kickstarter-serialized series Beastland’s has raised $90,000 on the platform, and just wrapped his biggest launch yet. In this interview, Tyler chats with Curtis about how he was able to quit the day job late last year and make a living through writing and comics, how he landed all of his Kickstarter funded comics with publishers, and the secrets behind his latest breakthrough launch. Considering Curtis’ comics journey started in earnest just a few years ago, this interview should be incredibly inspiring for creators out there.

Where the Heck Does My Audience Hang Out and How Do We Connect? [Rene Pfitzner Mastermind Hotseat]

Comic creator Rene Pfitzner has been building a following and having success on Kickstarter, but still feels like he’s struggling to find out where his ideal reader hangs out online, and the best strategies to actually connect with them so that they can discover his books? Tyler and a mastermind roundtable of creators have advice for Rene and share it in this mastermind style session.

Should I Go With Webtoons or a Small Publisher? [Bitsy Tandem Mastermind Hotseat]

Webcomics creator Bitsy Tandem has a dilemma on her hands… Should she re-launch her webcomic on Webtoons or go with a new small publisher interested in her work. How to decide between launching on Webtoon or going with a small publisher for my next project? Tyler and a mastermind roundtable of creators have advice for Bitsy and share it in this mastermind style session.

Launching the Best Looking Comic Book Ever with Cartoonist Kayfabe’s Jim Rugg

20 year comics veteran Jim Rugg has launched a wildly successful Kickstarter for what could be the worlds first blacklight comic book with fluorescent ink, OCTOBRIANA 1976. In this ComixLaunch Interview, Tyler will talk to the Eisner and Ignatz award-winning cartoonist about pushing the boundaries of the print medium, his work as an instructor at the School of Visual Arts, and co-founding YouTube’s Cartoonist Kayfabe comics channel with Ed Piskor, and more.

How Do I Keep Former Backers Engaged and Get Them Back for My Next Launch [E.N. Ejob Mastermind Hotseat]

Zebra Comics publisher E.N. Ejob has one successful Kickstarter campaign under his belt, but has been nervous about launching another one. His challenge: How do you keep your past backers engaged and get them to come back for more and at the same time appeal to new readers when you launch again? Tyler and a mastermind roundtable of creators have advice for E.N. and share it in this mastermind style session.