091 – Warming up a Cold Audience with Clay Adams of Fried Comics

Building excitement for a new project is something most of us are used to. But how to you dust off an older project to give it a second chance on Kickstarter? And how to you re-energize the audience you have and attract its “new to you” fans to power crowdfunding success. In this session, Tyler chats with Clay Adams about taking his series Pregnant Bitches of War to Kickstarter.

080 – The Case for Crowdfunding Comics on Indiegogo

Although ComixLaunch has almost exclusively focused on the Kickstarter platform, it is not the only game in town. Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform that hundreds of comic creators have chosen to fund their projects. In this guest lesson episode, creator Jen Finelli makes the case for Indiegogo, and why she chose it over Kickstarter for her current launch.

079 – Looking Back to Move Forward: Tyler’s End of the Year Review Process

2017 is already well underway, and many of us are already locked and loaded and moving forward on achieving our big goals for this year. But if you haven’t carved out some time to review the year that just wrapped, you’re making a mistake. In this session, Tyler shares his system for taking stock of the year that was in order to crush the year that’s yet to be.

078 – The Power of Paying it Forward

Pay it forward. Give value first. Do unto others. We hear this advice all the time and many of us practice it. But you won’t believe what one ComixLaunch listener did to really live this principle…

076 – Level-up Your Next Launch With a Challenge

Launching a Kickstarter in 2017? Are you up for a Challenge? Then ComixLaunch has one for you. Join Tyler James and five special guest instructors in completing six powerful challenges designed to level up your next Kickstarter project to make it your best launch ever!

075 – Expand Your Mission, Increase Your Impact, Leave a Legacy

In this year-end session, the ComixLaunch podcast refines and rededicates itself to the mission of making the comics the category on Kickstarter with the highest success rate. Tyler connects the process of expanding your mission to making a greater impact on the world with your art… and leaving a legacy.