113 – Mythbusters: Kickstarter Style

In this session, Tyler crushes three persistent myths about crowdfunding on Kickstarter that will derail your launch. Plus, go behind the scenes on ComixTribe’s biggest one-day comic book sales on their online store…EVER!

108 – How to Predict Exactly How Much Funding Your Project Will Raise on Kickstarter

Every year, creators are raising hundreds, thousands, even tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars for their dream projects. But who cares what’s possible for them… how much funding are YOU likely to raise for your crowdfunding campaign? In this session, Tyler will share how to predict with “scary” accuracy, how much funding you’re likely to raise on Kickstarter and will give you access to a new free ComixLaunch tool to predict the funding potential of your next Kickstarter.

107 – Relaunching Robots vs. Princesses with Todd Matthy

Behind every successful project is a great idea. And yet, many creators who launch on Kickstarter quickly discover that a great idea alone isn’t enough to get funded. In this session, Robots vs. Princesses creator Todd Matthy shares lessons learned after an unsuccessful first Kickstarter, and the action steps he’s taken to help make his relaunch a success.

105 – What to Watch Out for in Publisher Contracts with Comics Lawyer Dirk Vanover

While most listeners of ComixLaunch are willing to blaze their own paths to independently plan, launch, fund and fulfill their creative projects, that doesn’t mean they aren’t also open to the idea of working with publishers to reach a broader audience. In this session, comics lawyer Dirk Vanover returns with some sage advice on some things creators should consider before signing a contract with publishers.

103 – How to Do a Kickstarter Postmortem with JD Oliva

What’s the difference between pros and amateurs? When the pros finish playing a game, they study film… they examine what worked, what didn’t, and what they can do better next time. The same goes for taking your Kickstarter launches to the next level… this podcast will walk you through how to do a Kickstarter postmortem.