ComixLaunch | How to Add Fun (and Funding) to Your Kickstarter Campaign with Backer Bonus Games

Kickstarter time is game time! In this session, Tyler shares one of his favorite campaign strategies to turn his Kickstarter launches into fun events!

Highlights of This Session Include:

  • Kickstarter doesn’t allow contests or raffles as pledges… but what about games?
  • Why you should consider a backer bonus during your next launch?
  • How to execute a backer bonus game step-by-step.
  • Plus: Details on the Comic Creator Power-Up Pledge, a special opportunity for a few comic creators available through the WAILING BLADE Kickstarter campaign.

Today’s Session is Brought to You by…

WAILING BLADE: Headtaker is Volume 1 of the Dark Sci-Fi Fantasy Series by the writer of Road of Bones and the artist of SCAM. If you’re looking for a brutal, bloody sci-fi adventure then you need to take the blade and go to and back today!

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More About Our Sponsor:

Wailing Blade is high-adrenaline fantasy adventure, set in the dark future of mankind. When his father is sentenced to death at the hands of the legendary Headtaker, bandit prince Tychon must find a way to save him, or fall to the Wailing Blade himself.

Basically, if you took a blender and mixed up Masters of the Universe with Mad Max, tossed in a little Conan and lots of Heavy Metal, that’s what’s in store for you in the pages of WAILING BLADE.

With super detailed, gorgeous art from Joe Mulvey and a razor sharp script from the writer of Road of Bones, Rich Douek, you really can’t go wrong with this fully loaded collection.


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Come up with 3 ideas for backer bonus games for your next launch.

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