Printing a comic or graphic novel in 2021? Then this is the podcast to listen to as printing specialist Rich Boye of Comic Impressions returns to the podcast to answer all your printing questions.

Highlights of This Session Include:

  • What the true drivers of cost on a comic printing job are and some ways that Comic Impressions helps indie creators save money.
  • The best way to understand comic book paper printing options.
  • From fulfillment to other Kickstarter rewards, how Comic Impressions aims to be a full-service one-stop-shop for comic creators.
  • Plus: Rich is still sending out FREE samples to comic creators each and every week. Order yours today at:

This Session is Sponsored By:

Comic Impressions, a US based comic and graphic novel printer specializing in BOTH small digital AND large offset print runs. Go to to to submit a quote or request a FREE printing sample and when you mention ComixLaunch you’ll get 5% off your next order!

Today’s Featured Guest:

Richard Boye is the sales manager at Comic Impressions, which is a US-Based one stop place for all your comic printing and production needs.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Show:

Order a Comic Impressions Book sample:

Use the Comic Impressions Job Estimator:

More About Our Sponsor

If you’re going to be printing comics or graphic novels this year, I always recommend getting quotes from a number of printers… and I strongly recommend you always get one from COMIC IMPRESSIONS.

Over the past few years, this Florida-based comic and graphic novel printer has been earning a strong reputation in the indie comics community and is able to service comic printing orders big and small, offering both digital and off-set printing, with 5-7 day turnaround times on most orders!

Every week, Comic Impressions prints books for successful Kickstarter creators and direct market publishers like Scout Comics.
Full disclosure, I’ve done a number of projects with Comic Impressions for ComixTribe projects and they’ve knocked them all out of the park!

And I also appreciate that the Comic Impressions team is set up to offer easy Kickstarter fulfillment for a low per package fee, which has saved me time and money, and has been a lifesaver for some overseas Kickstarter creators who’ve relied on Comic Impressions to handle US fulfillment.

Comic Impressions also prints with top-of-the-line presses… and offers some of the most popular specialty printing options (foil stamping, spot uv, foil covers and more).

I’m a big print quality snob and these are some of the best digitally printed books I’ve ever flipped through.

But don’t take my word for it… what I want you to do is go right now to and request a FREE sample pack that includes all of their paper stock options, as well as comics that show off their digital and offset printing capabilities. I know you’re going to be impressed!

And if you’re interested in getting a printing quote, they have a NEW online ESTIMATOR at that will help you ballpark your print quote.

And as a featured ComixLaunch Sponsor, if you use discount code “CL05”, you’ll get an additional 5% off your entire order!

If you’re a comic creator, you need a reliable printer in your corner, and that’s why I recommend

ComixLauncher [287]

Head over to the Comic Impressions Printing Estimator to see where the break even point is on Digital vs Offset printing for your next project.

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