Jellop is a marketing company laser focused on helping creators overachieve their Kickstarter goals by running highly targeted paid traffic campaigns during their launch. In this session, Tyler chats with Jellop’s Customer Outreach Manager Noah Kinsey about paid traffic strategy for higher level crowdfunding.

Highlights of This Session Include:

  • The target Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) Jellop recommends for crowdfunders.
  • How to estimate a good advertising spend budget for your launches.
  • The importance of testing when running an ad campaign and the two types of ads Jellop always tests.
  • Plus: How to get a conversation started with Jellop if you’re looking to outsource your ad efforts during your next launch?

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Today’s Featured Guest:

Noah Kinsey is the Customer Outreach Manager for Jellop, whose focus is helping visionaries and entrepreneurs overachieve their Kickstarter goals to bring their projects to life. He’s also a creator himself, and is the host of The #CoffeeTime Podcast.

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Figure out your pie-in-the-sky goal for your next Kickstarter campaign, and then figure out a target ad spend range that is 7-12% of that number? Would you be willing to spend that on ads if you could guarantee you’d hit your pie-in-the-sky goal?

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