Join comics writer Brian Hawkins (Black Cotton, The Vineyard) for a discussing about creating and launching alternative history comics. Brian’s latest crowdfunding effort is America’s Kingdom, new series taking place in a modern-day America under the reign and rule of a descendant of George Washington. Get Brian’s tips on alternate history worldbuilding, plus insights from his lessons learned as a freelance writer and comics editor.

Highlights of This Session Include:

  • Tips for building an alternative reality historical fiction series to life.
  • How to go from a great high concept idea to an actual story.
  • Brian’s thoughts on building a career in comics, from freelance writing, comics editing, crowdfunding and more!
  • Plus: Tyler has the scoop on some recent Kickstarter platform updates!

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Today’s Featured Guest:

Brian Hawkins is a writer of comic books, novels and scripts. He’s done freelance writing for BlackBox Comics and Zenescope Entertertainment, and works as an editor for Mad Cave Studios. His work includes the ongoing series Black Cotton published by Scout Comics, and The Vineyard from Aftershock, as well as self-published crowdfunded work such as “Don’t Ever Blink” and “The Lunatic, The Lover & the Poet.” He’s back on Kickstarter this week with America’s Kingdom, a new series about a modern-day America, under the reign and rule of a descendent of George Washington.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Show:

Check out Brian Hawkin’s America’s Kingdom #1-2: An Alternate Reality Fantasy Series on Kickstarter:

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ComixLauncher [383]

Thought exercise: What moments in history going a different way do you think would make for the most compelling story ideas? Brainstorm a quick top 10 list… and then pick one to flesh out into a short treatment. You might be on to something…

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