Tyler is getting ready to dust off his convention pitches and finally return to tabling at comic cons starting this month! In this session, he’ll share one of his ultimate pitching secrets, which you can apply to sales in person, on Kickstarter, and anywhere you’re talking about your books.

Highlights of This Session Include:

  • What is the “Knowing Smile” test and how to know when you passed it?
  • Examples of popular properties that pass that test with flying colors and what indie creators can learn from them.
  • How nailing your “knowing smile” pitch can be valuable outside of comic cons.
  • Plus: Will you be at Wicked Con this month? If so, Tyler will see you there!

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Links Mentioned in Today’s Show:

Wicked Comic Con – https://www.wickedcomiccon.com/

ComixLaunch MasterClass – comixlaunch.com/class

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What’s your “knowing smile” test pitch for your own title?

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