Kickstarter has rolled out its new “late pledges” feature for all creators… and we now have answers to some of the biggest questions we’ve had about how late pledges will work! (It’s different than you might have assumed.) In this session, we’ll break down the new feature and share some best practices for how to use it.

Highlights of This Session Include:

  • Tyler share four things that surprised him about this new Late Pledges feature Kickstarter just enabled for all creators!
  • Why Kickstarter suggests creators bump late pledge prices by at least 10%?
  • Tyler’s plan for utilizing the Late Pledge feature… even if he still uses Backerkit.
  • PLUS: A few thoughts on Kickstarter’s just announced new strategic vision.

Today’s Session is Brought to You By…

Modern Mythology Presents Medusa #1, a fantasy adventure comic book about Medusa seeking revenge on the gods who wronged her. The one-shot comic book is live on Kickstarter! Search “Medusa” on Kickstarter or visit to check it out!

Links Mentioned in Today’s Show:

Late Pledge Announcement

Late Pledge Details

More About Our Sponsor:

“Modern Mythology Presents: Medusa #1” is a fantasy adventure comic book that follows the famous treasure hunter Medusa as she seeks revenge on the gods who wronged her.

Inspired by classic Greek mythology, this comic also takes cues from Tomb Raider. Kill Bill, and God of War.

This looks like another banger from Dragon Grit writer Caleb Palmquist.

A long time ago, Medusa was assaulted by Poseidon, and turned into a monster against her will by Hera.

Now a famous treasure hunter, Medusa travels around the world learning ancient secrets and amassing wealth to fund her mission of revenge. She has taken down every god in the Greek pantheon except for one: Poseidon.

Through a combination of treasure hunting expertise, brute strength, and a burning desire for revenge, Medusa is determined to find the last god and take him out for good.

The Kickstarter for Modern Mythology Presents: Medusa #1 is LIVE now! Search for “Medusa” on Kickstarter to pledge to the campaign, or visit to learn more.

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Go check out the new Late Pledges feature inside a draft Kickstarter project.

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