Sarah Cooke has successfully launched 3 projects on Kickstarter for her series “No Spell Lasts Forever.” Now she’s in the process of working on a additional projects that she’d like to launch in the not-to-distant future. That means running more campaigns each year. How can she best grow her crowdfunding project output without being overly demanding of my audience? A mastermind roundtable of veteran creators help Sarah get her head around launching more.

Highlights of This Session Include

  • The members of the roundtable disagree on how many Kickstarter projects they think are too many!
  • The “myth” of audience burnout.
  • Sarah’s realization that she might be looking at audience growth backwards!
  • Plus: A few updates on Kickstarter Late Pledges

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In the MasterMind Hot Seat Today:

Sarah Cooke is the writer and creator of the comic No Spell Lasts Forever, and co-creator of an award-winning science-fiction comedy web series called My Human Experience. A longtime comics fan who has written and reported about comics for a number of media outlets, including Marvel, DC Comics, Women Write About Comics, Fembot Magazine, and more.

In the MasterMind Round Table:

Links Mentioned in Today’s Show:

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  2. Sarah’s latest Kickstarter:
  3. Late Pledges Common Questions (Kickstarter FAQ):

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Write down the number of campaigns that you feel would be TOO MANY launches for your audience?

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