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To make the ComixLaunch podcast more fun, personal, and helpful, we have a voice mail line open 24-7 for ComixLaunch listeners like you.

We’ve made it SUPER easy for you to send ComixLaunch a short voice message directly from your desktop, laptop, phone (or wherever it is you’re reading this!)

Simply click the link below which is powered by SPEAKPIPE, and you can record a short, 90-second voice message. (On your Phone, it will take just a few extra clicks to grab the SPEAKPIPE app, but it’s super easy and quick, and once you have it, you’re golden!)

What we want to hear…

  • Feedback on the show.
  • Kickstarter Tips, Lessons you’ve learned, or strategies you’re excited to put to use.
  • ComixLaunchers you’ve put to use.
  • Challenge Tyler on something he’s discussed on the show.
  • And of course, all your Kickstarter questions!

Remember to include your name, and feel free to plug your Kickstarter project, comic, or website… but remember, you’ve only got 90 seconds, so make ’em count.

I’m currently using the FREE SpeakPipe service… which has limitations (hence the 90 second rule)… we’ll see if you guys use it. Hope you do… this is your show.

All you need is an Internet connection and a microphone, and you can be a part of the show!

Please note that by submitting a voicemail question, you’re allowing me to share it publicly on the podcast. 

Also note that it may be impossible for me to get to everyone’s question or comment — you may not receive a direct response to your question, and messages that bring the most value to the ComixLaunch audience will take priority.

Thanks for understanding, and thanks for listening to ComixLaunch!