In this session, Tyler talks to the creator of Hyperstarter, a new diagnostic tool for crowdfunders. Plus, ComixLaunch_Green039a new change to Kickstarter image sizes, and ComixLaunch listener voicemail.

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Session Table Setting

Hello, and Welcome!
Today we have voicemails from Richard Clark and Ray Chou.
In Kickstarter News there is a change in project image size:

New Project Image: 4:3 to 16:9 starting April 6
Expect video will move to 16:9 widescreen as well.

This is a good thing. Creating a 16:9 version for YouTube, 4:3 for KS
This could be a challenge for comic creators who take the easy route.
Even harder to take your comic cover and simply use that for your project image.

Today’s Episode is all about a new, Free tool for Crowdfunders.

Welcome back to ComixLaunch!

Guest Introduction

My guest today is an English artist and entrepreneur living in China.
He’s the creator of the website a digital coupon and gifts marketplace.
And he’s now the creator of Hyperstarter, a new crowdfunding marketing and analytics tool that instantly analyzes a Kickstarter creator’s project page, identifying strengths and areas for improvement. He also has services to help creators promote their projects, find backers, and connect with influencers in their niche.
Welcome to ComixLaunch Mr. Giles Dawe.

What is Today’s Episode About?

Guiding Discussion Questions

1) What’s the story behind Hyperstarter? How did you come to be interested in the Crowdfunding space?

2) I’ve had the chance to preview the Hyperstarter tool, and from what I’ve seen, it’s pretty cool. But I’d like you to give a bit more detail on it. What’s the problem it’s trying to solve, and how does it try to solve it? What are the key features and benefits?

Does it work for:

Current Projects?
Projects in Draft or Preview Stage?
Past Projects?
Doesn’t appear to analyze the video? Is that on the horizon. (Tech difficult)
Ideal # of Words?
Rewards? Stuff in Mind there?

3) How do you see Hyperstarter in comparison to other tools and services out there? How are you keeping up with what else is out there in the ever expanding crowdfunding space?

4) What’s the business model behind Hyperstarter? The tool is free, how do you make money to keep the lights on and keep improving the tool?

5) You wrote a great linked in Post called “100 Crowdfunding Influencers to Boost Your Campaign”? I’ll link to the post in the show notes, but what kind of advice do you have for listerners when it comes to finding and reaching out to influencers?

HyperStarter Screen Shots






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Wrap Up

Wrap Up Questions

1) If ComixLaunch listeners are interested in finding out more about, what should they do?

 Check out!

2) What’s the best way to connect with you online?

3) Do you have one final piece of advice for Kickstarter creators to keep in mind when launching their campaigns?

Focus on testing it out.  Promote to someone who has never heard of you and what you’re doing. If it  doesn’t work out cancel your campaign and try again. 

Thanks for Listening.

We’re going to go even deeper into both mindset, strategies and tactics for making KS work for you.

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