Tyler picks the brain of Khierstyn Ross, host of the top podcast Crowdfunding Uncut, who shares lessons learned about building a winning Kickstarter launch team from successful projects that have raised over 2 million dollars in funding.

Highlights of this Session Include:

  • How to building the right launch team to get your project funded.
  • The importance of the validating process before you launch.
  • Where creators go wrong with crowdfunding.
  • Plus: One book Khierstyn is obsessed with right now.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Show

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Kickstarter is the #1 platform for funding creative projects in the world and should be a part of every independent creator’s business plan. But Kickstarter alone is not enough…

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Here’s Some of What You’ll Learn from This Master Class…

  • Where to start when it comes to building upon your Kickstarter success in other channels?
  • How to pick the right next channel to focus on for your creative business?
  • Why most creators online stores fail and what to do differently to see steady book sales in e-commerce?
  • What it takes to get your Kickstarter funded books into brick & mortar stores and the best plan to make that happen?
  • The pros, cons, common mistakes, and best practices for sales growth on channels outside of Kickstarter.
  • The exact next steps you should be taking to expand your sales and grow your audience in channels Beyond Kickstarter.

Now, if you can’t attend live, or know you’ll want access to this material, after the fact, there is a GOLD option that you can purchase that will give you access to the recordings, plus a number of bonus trainings that won’t fit into the 2-2.5 hour master class session.



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ComixLauncher [101]

  • Who do you need on your launch team?


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