Ever had an idea for an anthology project? In this session, Tyler sits down with writer James E. Roche as he’s about to launch his first anthology project on Kickstarter, raise awareness for social issues.

Highlights of this Session Include:

  • How to bring your idea for an anthology project to life and recruit creators to make it happen?
  • The challenges of organizing and launching an anthology project on Kickstarter.
  • How to make comics about causes and issues you’re passionate about.
  • Plus: A special invitation to the ComixLaunch Workshop!

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Guest Introduction

My guest today is a New Jersey-based Comic book writer. He’s successfully Kickstarted a sci-fi series called wretches and is a WRETCHES and has contributed to the Alterna comics IF anthology.

He’s currently organizing and about to Kickstart The 4th Monkey, a comic book anthology featuring stories to raise awareness about environmental and social issues.

Welcome to ComixLaunch James E. Roche

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