Kickstarter wants you to create with your fans in the month of November. Comissions month is coming on Kickstarter and in this session, Tyler lays out all the details you need to know to participate and offers strategies and protips to dramatically increase your commission sales.

Highlights of this Session Include:

  • The 411 On Kickstarter’s Latest Themed Month focused all on Commissions
  • FAQs on How to Take Part in Commission Month
  • 4 Smart Commission Ideas for Comic Creators
  • Plus: 4 ComixLaunch Protips to Quadruple Your Commission Sales

Links Mentioned in Today’s Show

Commissions: Create Collaboratively

  • Kickstarter’s November Initiative — Invite backers into your creative process.
  • Use their input to inspire custom artworks, one-of-a-kind experiences, and more.

How to Take Part

  • Invite backers to collaborate on or customize a reward in a creative way
  • Launch your project between November 1 and November 30
  • Use “Commissions” in your project’s title or short blurb
  • Once your project is live, email it to [email protected]

This Session’s Featured Resource

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ComixLauncher [117]

    • Come up with Three Ideas for themed commissions you could offer your fans in November on Kickstarter
    • You’re invited to share ideas @ or in an email [email protected]
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