One of the best parts about writing historical fiction graphic novels, is doing research into fascinating people, times and places in the past. However, it also represents a challenge of determining how to best incorporate that research into your work. In this mastermind session, writer Shaun Manning brainstorms systems and processes for weaving rich history into compelling historical fiction.

Highlights of this Session include:

  • Balancing getting the history right with telling an engaging tale.
  • The power of having beta readers with an expertise in your subject matter.
  • Showing vs. telling and how much a reader really needs to know.
  • Plus: Hear honest feedback from a creator mastermind group that Tyler assembled back in June who have been meeting regularly for support and accountability.

This Session’s Sponsor:

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In the Mastermind Hot Seat:

Shaun Manning is the writer and co-creator of the historical graphic novel Macbeth: The Red King, which was recently funded through Kickstarter, as well as Hell, Nebraska and Interesting Drug. He has also written short comics for Star Wars Adventures, Dark Horse Presents, the Thought Bubble anthology, and more.

In the Mastermind Round Table:

  • Sebastian Chow is the London-based writer and artist of the Kickstarter funded feline space race series, CATAPULTED.
  • Darryl Jones is a comic book creator, designer, and creator of the successful fantasy board game Dobbers.
  • Ryan Summers is a Chicago-based director, designer, animator and educator… and soon to be podcaster.
  • Carmelo Chimera is a lawyer and comic shop owner by day, and a comic book creator by later in the day.

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