Veteran comic artist Michael Pennick is finally ready to step out on his own to build an audience for his creator-owned worked. But he’s a bit overwhelmed and confused about which crowdfunding platform is right for him, so Tyler gives him some guidance in this week’s coaching session.

Highlights of this session include:

  • Tips for getting into the head of your perfect customer and the best way to launch to them.
  • Kickstarter vs Patreon Mindset… what’s different and what’s the same?
  • Honing in on the unique value you can provide.
  • Plus: The New ComixLaunch “FUNDED” Strategy Guide is here!

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Today’s Featured Guest

Michael Penick is a veteran comic book artist, and the creator of Simon Brizdale, a fantasy adventure series coming soon to Kickstarter.

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How to Find Out More About Our Featured Guest

The World of Simon Brizdale

Follow the story, see the art, get the comics – be a part of the saga.

And for a limited time get a sneak peak at issue number one!

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