Lynne Somerman is a financial coach who helps creative entrepreneurs and small business owners feel less stupid about money. In this special session of The ComixLaunch Podcast, Lynne shares practical advice for creators who want to control the financial resources they have, rather than letting their money control them.

Highlights of this Session Include:

  • Strategies to make better decisions about how to use your money in your creative business.
  • Why “profit” is not a dirty word and how to ensure there’s more of it in your creative business?
  • How to behave like a real business, even when we’re making the transition from a hobbiest and especially when we’re not yet profitable.
  • Plus: Tools for getting a better handle on how we manage our finances in our creative business.

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Today’s Featured Guest:

Lynne Somerman is a finacial coach who helps creative entrepreneurs “feel less sad and stupid about money.” She focuses on practical skill building, habit change, and mindset work to help creators get a handle on what they’re doing with the money in their business.

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Try out one new tool or strategy shared in this podcast in the next 30 days to see if it helps you gain more control and confidence over the money in your business.

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