For the last 200 weeks, I’ve shared the lessons myself and other inspiring creators have learned from launching their creative projects into the world. Let’s celebrate and keep going!

Highlights of This Session Include:

  • Grand Plans for the 200th ComixLaunch Episode (and why they didn’t happen)
  • The Challenges of the Creative Entreprenuer
  • Launch lessons shared by a few successful creators
  • Plus: A Book Recommendation for Creators in need of more FOCUS

This Session is Sponsored by:

Today’s session is sponsored by UNDAD, a zombie family drama graphic novel that wears its heart on its sleeve… and down the front of its shirt. UNDAD is un-live on Kickstarter until May 31.

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UNDAD Kickstarter –>
Quickstarter Class –>

Audible Impact Recommendation:

Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt for a 30 Day trial

More About Our Sponsor:

Are you a parent who, deep down, sometimes feels like you don’t have it all together? Do you sometimes struggle with what it means to be a good person? Do you enjoy character-driven drama, long-form graphic novels, genre fiction with deeper meanings, or zombie stories with pathos?

Then Shane W Smith’s UNDAD could be right for you, and it’s un-live on Kickstarter right now!

More than just another zombie story, UNDAD is a deeply personal series about the challenges of being a family man and role model while being (literally) dead inside. It’s a book that wears its heart on its sleeve… and down the front of its shirt.

UNDAD has been shortlisted for awards, nearly got made into a TV show, and has captured the hearts and braaaaains of hundreds of readers since 2015. International bestselling author Jack Heath describes the series as “Perfect for readers who wish The Walking Dead had more to say.”

UNDAD is coming to un-life on Kickstarter until May 31, with free worldwide shipping for all backers, and a bunch of exclusive perks only available here!

Visit or search for “UNDAD” on Kickstarter.

ComixLauncher [200]:

What do you hope to learn from your next launch?


“Everything that you want that you don’t currently have is outside of your comfort zone.” – James Wedmore

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