Kickstarter rolled out some spiffy new UI updates that affect how your projects will be discovered going forward. Tyler grades the changes and shares the most important thing creators may want to adjust as a result.

Highlights of This Session Include:

  • The wonkiness of Kickstarter’s new “streamlined discovery experience.”
  • Here’s what Kickstarter includes in their new dynamic project snapshots… and the two big things that are now missing!
  • An adjustment Tyler recommends you make to your Kickstarter videos ASAP!
  • Plus: Tyler shares a little behind the scenes of launching in a hectic time.

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I’ll be honest, I’m a sucker for a great genre mash-up like Dragon Grit.

Dragon Grit is a fantasy western comic book that takes place in an alternate version of the wild west, where dragons have taken the place of horses and other beasts of burden.

This comic is inspired by classic westerns like Tombstone and True Grit, with a fantasy twist.
Ever since she cut ties with her old gang, Vera and her trusty fire dragon blaze have been making deliveries to remote locations out west along Star Routes. The world is changing, however, and as railroads make their way across the continent, the need for dragon mail carriers is diminishing.

Looking for new ways to make a buck, Vera agrees to help a young man named Robin escort his dying mist dragon Chanterelle on one final voyage across untamed wilderness to an ancient dragon graveyard.

Unable to fly due to Chanterelle’s old age and bum wing, the party must make their way on foot, all while being pursued by a dangerous outlaw named Jack and his dragon Ruin.

The Kickstarter for Dragon Grit is LIVE now! Visit to pledge for your copy and follow along on the campaign.

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Check out Kickstarter’s discovery and take stock of your own opinions of the new UI.

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