Tyler James joins Rob Andersin on The Advocating Channel to talk about how to create a successful crowdfunding campaigns today. In this session, they discuss everything from making the right video, to stacking the right pledge rewards and the decision on whether to delay or go forward with a launch considering the state of the world right now.

Highlights of This Session Include:

  • To launch or not to launch now and how to decide
  • Kickstarter video tips and what NOT to do
  • Tyler’s reward strategy on ComixTribe’s latest successful launch
  • PLUS: One of the best ComixLaunchers yet!

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Links Mentioned in Today’s Show:

An ON-Conn to Keep Fans and Creators Connected.

A simple Idea made into a Facebook Group that allows people to share what they would have seen at a Comic Con online.

With Live Shows on the Weekends talking about the aspects of Comic Cons all from home and during the weekdays at 4 pm et Educational Panels about creating comics.

ON-Conn is a great way to feel connected even while Isolated. With Panels every week day at 4pm.

This is meant as a Hub for many different Creative Things and Fans:

More About Our Featured Resource:

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ComixLauncher [247]

Imagine it’s five years from now and you’re being interviewed about all of your amazing success…

YOU: “Things really took off for me, oddly enough, as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic and it’s aftermath. Here’s what happened…”

How might THAT story go?

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