Sit in on a conversation about serializing your super hero comic on Kickstarter as Tyler James chats with writer Kat Calamia of “Like Father, Like Daughter” whose seventh issue is funding now on Kickstarter.

Highlights of This Session Include:

  • Tips for indie superhero comic writers.
  • How comics journalism impacted Kat’s comic writing.
  • Kat’s approach to “behind the scenes” Kickstarter rewards.
  • Plus: Kickstarter goal setting tips.

Today’s Session is Sponsored By…

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Today’s Featured Guest:

Kat Calamia is known for her comic book and tv journalism writing for the likes of Newsarama, the DC Universe, IGN, Fandom & TV Guide, as well as her YouTube channel Comic Uno. She’s the writer of comics including “They Call Her…The Dancer” and “Like Father, Like Daughter”, the latest issue of wish is currently funding on Kickstarter.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Show:

Like Father, Like Daughter on Kickstarter

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Lucifer Bim-Bom wasn’t always the killer clown prince of crime. Once he was the disinterested son of a costumed supervillain. After failing his father one too many times, Lucifer and his crew find themselves in The Vigilance Correctional Centre; a prison for super powered, costumed, and exceptionally dangerous criminals. How does this spoiled rich-boy survive his incarceration with the worst of the worst? He’s gonna have to get his hands dirty.

At its heart, GORILLA MY DREAMS PRESENTS: LUCIFER BIM-BOM explores what it’s like to live in your father’s shadow, to struggle with the desire to be better, while fate dictates you become far worse.

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