Learn how to get creative with your Kickstarter crosspromotions as Tyler James and Night Wolf’s Rob Multari discuss strategies that are working for their live launches.

Highlights of This Session Include:

  • The whys and hows of Kickstarter creator crosspromotions, from the simple to the more complex.
  • Crafting win/win/wins for you, the other creator and all of the Kickstarter backers.
  • Tips for organizing your crosspromotions and actually delivering them!
  • Plus: Tyler reads his “Legends of the Wailing Blade” Story

Today’s Session is Sponsored by…

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Links Mentioned in Today’s Show:

Example Creator Crosspromotion between Night Wolf and Wailing Blade: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/multari/night-wolf-vol-1-urban-fantasy-werewolf-coming-of-age-drama/posts/3001407

Wailing Blade Kickstarter: ComixTribe.com/wailingblade

Under the Mask Podcast Episode 34 with Rich Douek www.ycomics.net/underthemask/episode34

Under the Mask Podcast Episode 35 with Tyler James www.ycomics.net/underthemask/episode35

More About Our Sponsor:

GORILLA MY DREAMS PRESENTS: LUCIFER BIM BOM is a one-shot prequel to the popular GORILLA MY DREAMS comic series.

Imagine the HBO TV Series OZ, but populated with comic book villains!
Lucifer Bim-Bom wasn’t always the killer clown prince of crime. Once he was the disinterested son of a costumed supervillain. After failing his father one too many times, Lucifer and his crew find themselves in The Vigilance Correctional Centre; a prison for super powered, costumed, and exceptionally dangerous criminals. How does this spoiled rich-boy survive his incarceration with the worst of the worst? He’s gonna have to get his hands dirty.

At its heart, GORILLA MY DREAMS PRESENTS: LUCIFER BIM-BOM explores what it’s like to live in your father’s shadow, to struggle with the desire to be better, while fate dictates you become far worse.

The Kickstarter for the LUCIFER BIM-BOM one-shot is LIVE on Kickstarter RIGHT NOW!


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