Award-winning comic book colorist and creator Wes Hartman joins Tyler for a discussion about serializing his “Bigfoot in space” series SAVAGE SASQUANAUT on Kickstarter!

Highlights of This Session Include:

  • How a direct market setback drove Wes to Kickstarter… and why he’s never looked back!
  • Reflecting on five Kickstarter launches and why his latest is poised to be the best!
  • The importance of getting the right schedule and creative habits in place to make comics.
  • Plus: Wes’ #1 tip for aspiring color artists!

Today’s Session is Brought to You By…

GORILLA MY DREAMS: THE SHEEP FROM THE GHOST, an intriguing Gothic mystery. This GORILLA NOIR one-shot is live on Kickstarter RIGHT NOW! Check it out!

Today’s Featured Guest:

Wes Hartman is an award winning comic book colorist, and indie comic creator. For the last 15 years, he’s worked with topflight talent and publishers including (Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Aspen, Dynamite, etc.) And you’ve probably seen his work featured in TV, film, and video games.

He publishes his creator owned work under the imprint, COSMIC ROOTS STUDIO, and has been serializing the SAVAGE SASQUANAUT Series on Kickstarter, with the Issues 1-5 campaign now live!

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More About Our Sponsor…

GORILLA MY DREAMS: THE SHEEP FROM THE GHOST is the next one-shot in the popular GORILLA MY DREAMS comic series.

Imagine if the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles patrolled the streets of Gotham City!

Recovering from a gun-shot wound, Knockaround-Guy (a depressed talking gorilla) tries to retire from the superhero life but soon finds himself investigating a “haunted” nunnery. Who is this enigmatic ghost? And what does it mean to Knockaround-Guy’s search for the secrets of his past?

At its heart, GORILLA MY DREAMS: THE SHEEP FROM THE GHOST is a story about trying to peacefully retire before being forced to choose between your own needs and the greater good.

The Kickstarter for THE SHEEP FROM THE GHOST one-shot is LIVE on Kickstarter RIGHT NOW!

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What’s one tweak to your schedule that would be EASY to do, but also easy not to do… that you will commit to try?

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Twitter: @sasquanaut

Instagram: @wesflo78258

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