Every month, Backerkit Marketing runs paid traffic for some of the biggest crowdfunding projects on the planet. In this episode, Tyler will tell you everything you need to know about this offering from Backerkit, including how Backerkit Marketing contributed to his biggest Kickstarter launch yet!

Highlights of This Session Include:

  • What is Backerkit Marketing and what kind of Kickstarter projects would best be served by it?
  • What makes Backerkit Marketing unique as a paid traffic agency?
  • How well did Backerkit Marketing actually perform during Tyler’s recent $134K Kickstarter launch?
  • Plus: An performance update on Backerkit Launch, covered in part 1 of this series revisiting Backerkit.

Today’s Session is Sponsored by…

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PNEUMATIC CASES #1-3 is the latest offering from Last Ember Press featuring the penultimate issue of the Steampunk Murder Mystery Series!

Lord and Lady Ravenscroft are scientists and inventors who solve crimes as a side hustle. When a violent murder is laid out on the streets of London for all to see, the pair are called in to consult in classic Holmesian fashion. 

The clues they find take them on a journey across Europe fighting reanimated men and other nefarious criminals while making enemies along the way. Now, their quest has landed them in Romania where violent animal attacks are anything but. How this ties into the larger mystery at hand is what Percy and Annie must discover or die trying!

After funding in 48 Hours, ISSUE 4 is now being unlocked via Stretch Goals!

Be a part of the journey on Kickstarter through May 30th at http://lastemberpress.com/pc3

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