Does it ever feel like crowdfunding is just easier for other people? Even if your launches are succeeding, why does it still feel like a massive struggle to get traction? Are you worried it will always be this way? In this session, Tyler will look at this common frustration for creators and share some ways to solve it once and for all.

Highlights of This Session Include:

  • Why the disease of “comparisonitus” runs rampant on the Kickstarter platform, and what to do about it?
  • How the “Upper Limit Problem” explains why even successful launches often don’t feel that way?
  • 5 actions to take when you’re feeling the struggle during a Kickstarter launch.
  • PLUS: What ComixLaunchers say they wished they learned earlier as a creator.

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Recovering from a gun-shot wound, Knockaround-Guy (a depressed talking gorilla) tries to retire from the superhero life but soon finds himself investigating a “haunted” nunnery. Who is this enigmatic ghost? And what does it mean to Knockaround-Guy’s search for the secrets of his past?

At its heart, GORILLA MY DREAMS: THE SHEEP FROM THE GHOST is a story about trying to peacefully retire before being forced to choose between your own needs and the greater good.

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What’s something that you wish you learned earlier as a creator?

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