Coming back to the Kickstarter platform after a campaign that performs beyond your wildest expectations brings its own set of challenges. Comic writer David Pepose, creator of The O.Z., returns to the ComixLaunch Podcast to discuss doubling down on the success of his first crowdfunding effort with it’s second issue launch!

Highlights of This Session Include:

  • David takes us back to the smash success of his first launch and why he decided to keep the pedal to metal all campaign long!
  • The realities and lessons learned from a massive comic book fulfillment project.
  • A “sane” variant cover strategy and approach that works for David and his team!
  • Plus: Why Tyler is kind of regretting giving a backer a refund.

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My guest today is the Ringo Award-nominated writer of SPENCER & LOCKE, GOING TO THE CHAPEL, THE O.Z., SCOUT’S HONOR, the upcoming GRAND THEFT ASTRO, and more.

Got his start in the comics industry in 2008, as an editorial intern at DC Comics as well as serving for a decade as the Reviews Editor at Newsarama. He’s worked for CBS, Netflix, and Universal Studios and is back on Kickstarter this month with the highly anticipate second issue of his smash hit THE O.Z. an innovative take on the World of Oz.

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Check out THE O.Z. #1-2 – A Fantasy Classic Reimagined for Comics on Kickstarter Now:

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