Comic creator Chris Beck has a problem most would be thrilled to have — his first Kickstarter launch funded faster than he could have ever anticipated! But now he’s struggling with what to do for stretch goals, and how he can maintain backer interest and enthusiasm without breaking the bank with a ton of unplanned for expenses. Luckily, he has a round table of veteran ComixLaunch Pros facilitated by Tyler James in his corner, and in this special mastermind season Chris and YOU will get a master class in savvy Kickstarter stretch goals!

Highlights of This Session Include:

  • A common mindset mistake creators make when it comes to Kickstarter stretch goals.
  • Stretch goal math, and what first time creators need to know about keeping momentum going during a launch.
  • The roundtable’s top recommendations for stretch goals that don’t break the bank… and actually make bank!
  • Plus: It’s launch day for ComixTribe again… and it’s going QUITE WELL!

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In the Mastermind Hotseat Today:

Chris Beck graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design with a degree in comic illustration. I worked as a graphic designer for Fantasy Flight Games for 10 years, and as a product designer for a liscenee of Harley Davidson before that. I’m an avid comic enthusiast who loves the outdoors, snowboarding, and animals.

In the Mastermind Round Table:

  • Big Tim Stiles (Comic writer, actor, podcaster)
  • Shaun Keenan (Publisher COMICS2MOVIES & Comic writer)
  • Lynsey G & Jayel Draco of Oneshi Press (Writer, Artist, Publishers)
  • James Mascia (Writer & Educator)

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ComixLaunch Mastermind Interest List –

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Rift Riders #1: A Tale of Space Pirates & Cowboys!

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Write down three smart stretch goal ideas you got from this session.

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