Is there an idea for a project that you’ve had for years that you simply can’t let go? In this session, writer George O’Connor shares the process of bringing an original twist on the end-on-the-world genre to life in the form of the new anthology Toddler-Pocalypse. Find out how George worked with co-writer Diana Porter, recruited in-demand artists, and kept his blockbuster high-concept grounded in relatable human truths.

Highlights of This Session Include:

  • What makes an irresistible anthology high concept.
  • How to successfully recruit in-demand artists to work on your projects.
  • How George’s experience as a musician has benefited his ability to make collaborative comics.
  • Plus: Early results from Tyler’s latest Backerkit experiment.

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Today’s Featured Guest:

George O’Connor is a multi-talented writer, musician and director. He’s co-created graphic novels (Charlie’s Spot, Healed, Baby, and Silent Knight for his imprint Homeless Comics. He produced, wrote, and directed the digital series 664-The Neighbor of the Beast, and co-created and was head writer for the podcast Phone Hugs and Therapy. When he’s not doing that, you might find him playing guitar in his metal band, Swarm of Eyes. He’s back on KS with his brilliant new anthology, co-written with Diana Porter and joined by an amazing line-up of artists, for Toddler-pocalypse, a great twist on our favorite end-of-the-world scenarios.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Show:

Toddler-pocalypse – A 64-page anthology about the hardest part of surviving the apocalypse—your kids.

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