If you had $500 to spend towards advertising your next Kickstarter launch, where would you put that money? And what if you don’t want to throw it into Facebook ads? Are there better opportunities out there to get a stronger return on your marketing dollar? Let’s discuss some options for the Kickstarter campaign manager on a budget!

Highlights of This Session Include:

  • The first $99 I spend in marketing every new Kickstarter launch… which also tends to get the best return on investment.
  • How to show up in customer’s mailboxes instead of just inboxes for cheaper than you might think.
  • Why buying someone else’s time to help with marketing an other campaign tasks may be the best use of limited funds…and where to get help for a small investment.
  • Plus: The power and importance of celebrating wins big and small!

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…It was the greatest feeling in the world!

And here I am, several decades later, still chasing that feeling.

Now that ComixTribe has printed hundreds of thousands of books and distributed them all over the globe, it would be easy for me to make “selling a comic” not a big deal at all.

But the fact that I get to work with creators on their launches every single month inside of ComixLaunch Pro, many of whom are selling their very first book (to a whole lot more people, for way more money than I did) means I never get too far away from the excitement of that first book launch.

Knowing what it means to not only hold a book you created in your own hands but to see hundreds of fans from around the globe hold it in theirs after a successful launch is why I’m just as passionate about teaching Kickstarter strategies today as I was when I first opened the doors to ComixLaunch Pro a few years back.

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How would you spend $500 to market your Kickstarter project?

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