Tyler James here, and I wanted to shoot you a quick message letting you know that the doors to Club ComixLaunch on Patreon are now open!

This is the next big phase of ComixLaunch, and I’m excited to be taking this next step… and in the process, getting a better understanding of the Patreon platform, which we’re currently diving deep into on the podcast.


What Is Club ComixLaunch?

Club ComixLaunch is a way to help us continue and expand on the ComixLaunch mission, and add even more value for creators like you who are looking to harness the power of crowdfunding to bring creative projects to life.

Membership has its privileges, and Club ComixLaunch members may receive:

  • Shout outs to you and your projects on the show.
  • Access to bonus lessons on the Club Exclusive Patreon Feed.
  • A VIP INSIDER Bonus resource (Guide, cheat sheet, checklist, video, template, etc.) designed to help you launch.
  • Advance looks at future ComixLaunch books and resources.
  • Priority placement and discounts in ComixLaunch courses,
  • And much, much more!

Join the Club and Get Your Welcome Kit

As soon as you join the Club at any pledge level, you’ll be able to instantly download the Club ComixLaunch Welcome Kit, which includes:

  • 5 Things You Must Do Before You Launch a Kickstarter [Checklist – PDF]
  • How to Choose Paper Stock for Your Book with Kraken Print [Guide – PDF]
  • Kickstarter Update Guide: 19 Types of Updates That Add Excitement & Funding to Kickstarter Campaigns [Guide – PDF]
  • 7 Keys to Your Best Launch Ever [Workshop – MP3]

Over the past year, I’ve received so many incredible reviews from creators like you who have received tremendous value from the ComixLaunch podcast:

“My campaign was successful because of ComixLaunch…”
– Josh Dahl (Rapid City)

“I have been following Tyler’s advice for years… with two successful Kickstarter campaigns under my belt, raising over $17,000, I can honestly say that Tyler’s advice has been the bible around which I planned my campaigns…”
– Russell Brettholtz (Sidekicks)

“Thanks to Tyler and his many guests, I’ve saved hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars, by taking their advice when it comes to publishing my comic…”
– James Haick (Solar Flare)

The ComixLaunch podcast isn’t going anywhere, and will always continue to be a free resource for creators.

However, joining the Club today will help keep the show going and help us deliver even more value to the creator community.

Click Here to Join Club ComixLaunch

I’ll see you inside the Club!


Tyler James

P.S. The ComixLaunch podcast started its new series “Patreon Launch”yesterday, featuring special guest Jason Brubaker (ReMind, Sithrah) talking about the difference between Kickstarter & Patreon and which is right for you.

Click here to listen to Patreon Launch #1.

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