One of the drums I beat all the time to any creators who’ll listen is the importance of not creating your art in a vacuum.

Whether it be through social media, your email list, your blogs and websites, or even in-person groups…

It’s important to talk about projects well before you launch them, so that you have a receptive audience when you DO launch.

But, I realized that I’ve not been taking my own advice.

(I guess this is the wisdom that comes with age. Today is my 38th b-day after all.)

Now, I’ve mentioned a few times the Kickstarter Page Design Blueprint book that I’m working on. The book is pulling together my own experience, that of my brilliant ComixLaunch guests, as well as crunching the numbers on thousands of successful campaigns to crack the code on Kickstarter page design.
Now, while I’ll be working closely with 20 creators to build their Kickstarter pages inside The ComixLaunch Course this spring, I realized I should probably get some more input from the wider creator community.
After all, the time to get input on a book or a product is BEFORE, not AFTER it comes out!
So, I’d love to invite you to go to to answer a very short survey where I ask you a few questions about Kickstarter page design.

This survey is for all creators, not just those with Kickstarter experience, and I really want to hear from you.


Click here to Take the Short Kickstarter Page Survey

A Few Bonuses for Your Time

I always want to respect the time of my audience, so one of the things that I’m working on is a new for 2017 Kickstarter Page Design Checklist.
Everyone who fills out the survey will get my updated checklist free as soon as it’s ready.
And I’ll also pull one name from the survey participants and hook them up with a $20 Amazon Gift Card.

Again, I appreciate your input.

I’ll consider you taking a few moments to knock out the survey as an incredibly generous birthday present. (Thanks in advance.)

I want ComixLaunch to be the absolute best resource for writers, artists, & self-publishers looking to harness the power of the Kickstarter platform.
The only way to make that happen is to listen to you.


  1. Identify one creative decision you’re having trouble making (cover design, next project, title, character design, etc.)
  2. Poll your audience (any size audience will do) for feedback on the decision.
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