Andrew Pawley of GalaXaFreaks swings by ComixLaunch to talk about his experience successfully launching multiple projects on both Kickstarter AND Indiegogo. Andrew will also share some of the ways he’s leveled up his audience growth after joining the ListLaunch program.

Highlights of this Session Include:

Turning lessons from failure into success in crowdfunding.
Kickstarter vs. Indiegogo, and which platform Andrew plans on sticking with.
Cool and unconventional ways Andrew delivers a freaky amount of value to his audience.
Plus: You’re invited to take the ComixLaunch Kickstarter Page Survey at

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Guest Introduction: Andrew Pawley

My guest today brings the world psychadelic science fiction and cosmic comic capers at He’s a talented artist and designer and has managed several successful campaigns both on Kickstarter and Indigiegog to bring the Galaxfreaks to freaky folks around the world.

Galaxafreaks Timesongs Kickstarter —


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– Lack confidence in drumming up interest for your work.
If you’ve had success on Kickstarter but are concerned that most of your funding comes from friends and family and you’re struggling to grow beyond that.”
– How the hell do you find your auidence… and once you find them, how to you keep them energized, even when you have nothing launch?
– How do maximize the small audience you do have?
– Getting the word out beyond just your own reach.
– How do you get your audience to spread your work for you so you can attract more people like them.

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