Every Kickstarter campaign reveals multiple creative lessons and business breakthroughs. In this session, Tyler James shares the top lesson learned from each of his first 5 successful Kickstarter campaigns that raised over $100,000.00 in funding with the support of over 2,500 backers.

Highlights of this Session Include:

  • A Super Simple, Super Easy thing to do during every project or campaign you work on
  • 5 Biggest Lessons from my first 5 Successful Kickstarter Raised over $100K 2500 backers
  • Major wins, epic stumbles…
  • Plus: A few live Qs sprinkled in.

Today’s Session is brought to you by Club ComixLaunch

This is the next big phase of ComixLaunch, and I’m excited to be taking this next step… and in the process, getting a better understanding of the Patreon platform, which we’re currently diving deep into on the podcast.


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  • What are you doing every week that you should be documenting?
  • What would you, two years ago, want to read about?
  • What would you, two years from now, want a record of?


“High-Quality Work = Time Spent x Intensity of Focus” from the book Deep Work by Cal Newport.

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