Can You Have Too Many Variant Covers?

Variant covers. Love 'em or hate 'em, they're a HUGE aspect of the comic creator crowdfunding experience and in this podcast, Tyler will take a deep dive on all things variants. What you learn here may shock you and inform your future comics crowdfunding strategy. Read more

Is Crowdfundr a Worthy Alternative to Kickstarter?

In June, Crowdfundr joined the growing list of crowdfunding platforms open to creators with an initial launch of more than 20 comic projects. In this session, Tyler will share his thoughts on this new Kickstarter competitor, and it's initial roll out. Read more

Letting Go of What Isn’t Working for Kickstarter Success with Caleb Palmquist of Unicorn: Vampire Hunter

Over the past several years writer Caleb Palmquist has been on a mission to discover through trial and error what works for him when it comes to crowdfunding his creative projects. In the process, he's had to let go of some things that simply weren't working and learn what does work on Kickstarter from some of the top creators on the platform. As a result, he's in the midst of his best launch yet for Unicorn: Vampire Hunter #1-5! Read more

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Comics Crowdfunding: Making the Case for Indiegogo

While ComixLaunch has almost exclusively focused on the Kickstarter platform, it is not the only game in town. Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform that hundreds of comic creators have chosen to fund their projects. In this guest post, Jen Finelli makes the case for Indiegogo.