How to Get Social Proof (Even if You’re Just Starting Out!)

Want prospective backers to believe your book is going to be great and that you'll be able to deliver on all your campaign promises? Then don't make them take your word for it! Instead show them some awesome social proof! In this episode, Tyler will show you how to get social proof for your project, even if you're a total newbie! Read more

The Emotional Rollercoaster of Kickstarter & Going All in On Your Creative Career with House of Fear’s James Powell

Ten31 Publisher and creator of House of Fear James Powell joins Tyler for an honest discussion about the emotional rollercoaster ride creators face when going after their dreams. We'll discuss that self-doubt, fear of failure, or imposter syndrome, as well as many of the insights and breakthroughs James has had after leaving the day job to go all in on his creative pursuits. Read more

Crowdfunding Your Epic with Mythica’s Matt Campbell

Tyler chats with Colorado based comic writer & artist and the CEO of Actionline Studios, Matt Campbell about his Kickstarter funded epic thriller comic series, Mythica. Matt is a teacher of the visual arts and drops a ton of guidance and sage advice for young comic creators in this conversation. Read more

Spin-offs, Expanded Universes & Crowdfunding with Charlie Stickney

Charlie Stickney, co-creator of WHITE ASH, is back on Kickstarter this month with the first White Ash Spin-off series, GLARIEN. We'll discuss his latest campaigns explosive launch, and dive into a range of topics including evolving your product offerings to meet the changing Kickstarter market, investing in variant covers, as well as get an update on how things are going in his role as co-publisher of Scout Comics. Read more

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Comics Crowdfunding: Making the Case for Indiegogo

While ComixLaunch has almost exclusively focused on the Kickstarter platform, it is not the only game in town. Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform that hundreds of comic creators have chosen to fund their projects. In this guest post, Jen Finelli makes the case for Indiegogo.