Where Crowdfunding is Headed with David Barach, Founder of Crowdfundr

For more than a decade, David Barach has been building technical platforms to help people crowdfund as the president of ConnectionPoint, the company behind FundRazr and Crowdfundr. In this "state of crowdfunding" discussion, David and Tyler discuss the past, present and future of the crowdfunding movement, and why Crowdfundr is so bullish on comic book crowdfunding in particular. Read more

Test Driving Backerkit’s New Crowdfunding Platform with Cancelled II’s David Byrne

Backerkit made news a few months ago with the announcement that it was launching its own Crowdfunding Platform as a Kickstarter alternative. That platform has been up and running for several months now, and the first batch of comic projects have started to launch on the platform. In this session, Tyler chats with David Byrne about his current launch for Cancelled II on Backerkit Crowdfunding. A veteran Kickstarter creator, you'll hear David's insights about the process moving to Backerkit for the crowdfunding launch, and his advice on what creators should be prepared for if they make the switch. Plus hear David's thoughts on variant cover strategy and lessons learned from his time as co-publisher of Scout Comics and a whole lot more! Read more

How Can I Tell if My Comic Series Has Peaked? [Patrick Kellner Mastermind Hotseat]

The conventional wisdom is that Kickstarter is an awesome platform for serializing comics, as many creators experience strong organic growth in both funding and backer totals with each new issue launch. But what does it mean when that growth doesn't happen? Writer Patrick Kellner seeks the mastermind roundtable's advice to help him figure out if his series has peaked on Kickstarter. Read more

What If What I Want to Write Isn’t What the Kickstarter Audience Wants to Buy? [Tom Leveen Mastermind Hotseat]

Writer Tom Leveen is currently battling an age old dilemma: should he pursue projects that interest him the most or should he try to follow the market and do something more commercial. Recognizing that some types of projects seem to do better than others on Kickstarter, Tom is questioning whether that should be a filter he runs future projects through when deciding what to work on. In this mastermind style session, four other creators and Tyler will help Tom sort through this dilemma. Read more

How Do I Juggle Multiple Projects & Creative Teams? [Michael Dean Mastermind Hotseat]

What are the best strategies to communicate deadlines and juggle multiple projects and creative teams when you're eyeing the Kickstarter platform? This is a challenge writer and filmmaker Michael Dean is currently wresting with. In this mastermind style session, a roundtable of creators will help Michael find the right tips and best practices to motivate his team and hit his launch goals. Read more

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome and Build an Audience [Karla Medrano Mastermind Hotseat]

Imposter syndrome is a common affliction for comic creators and humans in all walks of life. In this mastermind style session, Karla Medrano, a self-styled "noob" to the world of creating comics shares her struggles with having the confidence to grow an audience. Luckily, a roundtable of creators who have all been there share what has helped them battle imposter syndrome and have success in the industry. Read more

Expanding the Distribution of Your Comics with Artist Frank Forte

Storyboard and comic book artist Frank Forte joins Tyler for a discussion about alternative forms of distribution for comics and creative work beyond the main channels. While Frank is an active advocate and user of the Kickstarter platform, he also sees tremendous value in getting your books to sell all year round, and this interview is all about how to do it! Read more

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Comics Crowdfunding: Making the Case for Indiegogo

While ComixLaunch has almost exclusively focused on the Kickstarter platform, it is not the only game in town. Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform that hundreds of comic creators have chosen to fund their projects. In this guest post, Jen Finelli makes the case for Indiegogo.