How to Title Your Comic Book Kickstarter Project (and Avoid the Mistake Most Creators Are Making)

December 7, 2018

Would you believe that at least half of all comic book creators launching projects on Kickstarter are making a big mistake when it comes to how they title their projects?

In this post, I’m going to show you how to properly title your crowdfunding project to attract more backers and to increase your odds of getting extra attention on Kickstarter! So if you’re planning to launch a book on Kickstarter or have a project on there now, this video will help you nail the perfect Kickstarter project title every time.

The single most important piece of COPY on your entire Kickstarter page is your Project Title!

Your Title is:


  • Your headline
  • It’s your potential backers first point of reference as to what your project is about.
  • and when paired with your project image it is what determines whether or not you’ll get the click.


But the crazy thing is more than half of all creators launching projects on Kickstarter are doing it wrong, and making a big mistake that’s costing them clicks, backers, funding, and more love from Kickstarter.

What’s the big mistake?

They’re using the title of their book as the title of their project… and only the title of the book.

But by using only the project title, these creators are wasting a huge opportunity to connect with a bigger audience.

See, most of the comic projects that get launched on Kickstarter aren’t household names like “Spider-man” or “The Walking Dead”… yet!

As such, the title by itself is relevant only to the people who already know about it.

But part of the reason creators like us launch on Kickstarter is to not only rally our existing fans, but attract new ones on a platform like Kickstarter with millions of credit cards on file and potential new fans browsing for cool projects every single day.

But chances are, to those complete strangers, the title of your new comic means NOTHING to them!

I think creators make this mistake, because they assume Kickstarter is like listing a book title on your own website, in the Diamond Catalog or on a site like Comixology, where people search by publisher, title and creators.

But that’s not how people search and discover projects on Kickstarter…

People search by category and by genres…

And so a good Project Title on Kickstarter will do more than name the book… It’ll give some insight about what’s unique about the project and provide clues as to who the audience is for.

You have 60 Characters to work with for your Kickstarter Project Title, so Use them!

By all means, when writing your Kickstarter Project title, do include your project title… but tell me more.

If you have unique selling points or other value propositions, add those into the project title.

Here are a few examples:

Some questions to ask yourself when coming up with a unique selling point and value proposition for your project:


  • What’s special about the format of the book?
  • Who is our book for?
  • How do they identify themselves?
  • As a For-Benefit Company Kickstarter tends to lean toward diversity and likes to showcase traditionally underrepresented groups… so don’t shy away from that if it’s applicable to your project?
  • What’s unique about our book?
  • What are they getting from our book that they can’t get anywhere else?
  • What Keywords might people who like your book be using when searching our Books?
  • What the most valuable benefit from reading this book?


The most important thing is that your project title should having something in it that makes your ideal reader think to themselves, “That sounds like something I would like. I need to know more.”

If you can do that, you’ll get a click to your Kickstarter page, and that gets you one step closer to another backer.

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