Interested in growing and connecting with a large audience on Instagram? Then this session of the ComixLaunch podcast is your blueprint, as Russell Nohelty of Wannabe Press shares his strategies for growing a following of 10,000+ on Instagram in under two years.

Highlights of this Session Include:

What is Instagram and why it’s worth using for writers, artists, and self-publishers?

How to get started with Instagram and grow your following with the right kind of people fast.

Apps for better Instagram images.

Platform Showdown – Instagram Live vs Kickstarter Live

Plus: How Instagram can impact a Kickstarter campaign.

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Guiding Discussion Questions

1) What is Instagram? How does it work? What’s it for What’s it Not for?
2) How do you use Instagram as a creator and publisher?
3) What specific benefits or results have you seen from using Instagram?
4) What are the biggest mistakes creators (writers, artists, self-publishers) make on Instagram?
5) How should a creator use Instagram in the ramp up to and actual execution of a Kickstarter campaign?
6) If you were coaching a creator who was starting from scratch, just downloading the Instagram app today, and who wants to get to 10K followers in, say, 12 months… what’s would that process look like?


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