Comic creator Becca Hillburn, sponsor of the National Art & Trade Tuition Opportunity, a scholarship for sequential artists of all ages interested in getting funding to pursue contining education in the arts joins Tyler for a free-wheeling conversation and shares how ComixLaunch listeners can apply for funding to advance their artistic pursuits.

Highlights of this Session Include:

  • Becca’s most valuable lessons from a formal education in the arts… as well as the things NOT taught in school that should have been.
  • The ups and downs of starting a webcomic collective.
  • An interesting conversation about mental health and resources for creators, especially those with ADHD.
  • Plus: Becca shares the details on the NATTO Scholarship, a cool tuition opportunity that is open for ALL ComixLaunch listeners.

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Today’s Featured Guest

Becca Hillburn is graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design where she focused on sequential art, and is now an online graphic novelist and creator of 7 Inch Kara. She is an active blogger and Youtuber and is the sponsor of the NATTO Scholarship for aspiring sequential artists.

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Links Mentioned in this Episode

National Art & Trade Tuition Opportunity
More info about the NATTO Scholarship:
Becca’s Blog (mainly art supply reviews, comic and watercolor tutorials, but there’s a lot about my time at SCAD in the archives):
Becca’s Youtube (similar to the blog, but with convention recaps, convention artist interviews, and vlogs that focus on artist life):
Becca’s webcomic (began as a print comic, was launched as part of a webcomic collective launch)
Becca’s kidlit art portfolio:

ComixLauncher [149]

Go to read the scholarship application, and apply.
$1,000 for art education! That could get you a ComixLaunch Pro membership, ComicsExperience Course and an serious library upgrade!
YOU are your best asset. Invest in YOU.

How to Find Out More About Today’s Featured Guest

Becca’s Blog (mainly art supply reviews, comic and watercolor tutorials, but there’s a lot about my time at SCAD in the archives):

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