Let’s say you’ve got a great idea for a giveaway to grow your email list and you’ve set everything up… what do you do now? How do you get people to enter your giveaway, and what can you do after they climb on board your list to warm them up to a future Kickstarter launch? All that and much more is covered in Part 2 of this Viral Giveway training episode!

Highlights of this Session Include:

  • 9 Places to promote your viral giveaway to get the right people to enter
    Facebook ad strategies to get in front of thousands at a low cost
  • How to craft an engagement sequence to quickly warm up cold subscribers who enter your contest
  • Tips for delivering your grand prize and how NOT to pay to ship it!
  • Plus: Kickstarter is changing it’s approach to email notifications.

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✔ Do Facebook Ads actually work for writers & artists?
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✔ How do YOU use Facebook ads and get real results with them for your creative projects?

This is the training I wish existed 5 years ago when I first started dabbling into FB Ads, as it would have cleared up a whole lot of fear and confusion… (and would’ve made me a lot more sales!)
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Generate 3 unique ideas for viral giveaways you could do for your creative business.

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