When planning your launch, you might find yourself wondering what percentage of backers will choose physical rewards and how many will go the digital route? You also might be surprised when some choose no reward at all. In this session, Tyler dives deep into the numbers to help you know what you might expect for a backer distribution the next time you launch.

Highlights of this Session Include:

  • Learn what’s “normal” when it comes to digital/physical distribution of rewards.
  • What does and doesn’t affect your digital / physical distribution of rewards?
  • What % of backers are likely to choose no reward at all, and what that tells us about KIckstarter Backers?
  • Plus: An Audible book recommendation from one of my all-time favorite authors.

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Selling Upgrades, Add-ons & Extras during the survey process with just a couple clicks.

Accepting pre-orders on a beautiful CrowdOx store to keep the funding coming in.

Collecting funding that Kickstarter couldn’t from backers unable to fix their CC in time.

Accepting Paypal! (HUGE!)

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CrowdOx is an alternative to BackerKit, and while I’ve used and recommended both companies, I prefer CrowdOx because it offers:

A per BACKER pricing model vs. a per Funds Raised, which usually works out better for creators.

An easier interface for creators and survey/checkout experience for backers.

Faster funding… Backers are charged immediately for their pledges, so there’s no risk that credit cards won’t clear when its time to fulfill.

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Audible Impact Recommendation

“This is Marketing” by Seth Godin
Get it free with an Audible trial membership at ComixLaunch.com/audible

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  • Go look at YOUR last Kickstarter or all of your Kickstarters and crunch YOUR numbers.
  • Shoot me an email and share your results.
  • Haven’t launched… Go find THREE projects in your genre and crunch their numbers.
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