President of Scout Comics & Entertainment, Inc. James Haick returns to the Comixlaunch podcast to talk about the innovative moves SCOUT is making to shake up the world of creator-owned comics.

Highlights of this Session Include:

  • James’ road from solo-comic creator to heading up Scout comics.
  • What James and Scout are looking for in the books they publish.
  • Innovative strategies and new opportunities for creators in and out of the direct market.
  • Plus: Tyler answers ComixLaunch listener Mindy Indy’s voicemail question about what her lowest priced tier should be

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Today’s Featured Guest:

James Haick III is the creator/writer of Solar Flare, Long Live Pro Wrestling and the co-creator and co-writer for The Mall from Scout Comics. James also serves as President of Scout Comics & Entertainment, Inc. Scout Comics & Entertainment, Inc. develops, publishes and launches creator-owned comics. Some of Scout’s successful series include Stabbity Bunny, The Source, and The Mall.

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How to Find Out More About Our Featured Guest:
@scoutcomics on Twitter and Instagram
@jameshaick on Twitter

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