White Ash and The Game creator Charlie Stickney returns to the ComixLaunch podcast to share insights from his successful launches over the past three years, as well as his strategy for launching in the direct market.

Highlights of This Session Include:

  • Charlie’s big lessons learned from 6 successful Kickstarter launches in less than three years that have raised over $100,000 in funding.
  • One campaign decisions that takes a big bite out of profit.
  • Why the launch serialization strategy made a lot of sense for Charlie’s first book.
  • Plus: Checking in on Charlie’s next challenge, launching his Kickstarter funded series in the direct market!

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Today’s Featured Guest

Charlie Stickney is a writer/producer who has worked for Sony Pictures, Revolution Studios, Universal Pictures, Hulu and Scholastic Productions, creating and developing shows like Cosmic Quantum Ray and Horrible Histories. A longtime comic book fan, two years ago he
About two years ago, I brought the modern-day fantasy series White Ash to life on Kickstarter, and by successfully funding all four issues and an hardcover collection, that series has raised over $100,000 on Kickstarter and will soon be available in comic shops worldwide through Scout Comics.

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What would a launch serialization strategy look like for your next project?

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