Artist & Comic Creator Matthew Childers is having trouble recreating the success he has selling prints at conventions on his own online shop. In this mastermind style roundtable session, Tyler and a group of talented creators give him a series of valuable strategies to boost sales online.

Highlights of This Session Include:

  • What to do when it seems like the content you create and the stuff you want to sell is out of alignment?
  • What actually makes a difference when it comes to boosting sales online?
  • The “Sell Less to Sell More” strategy.
  • Plus: Tyler’s Feelings on the Murder of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter

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In the Mastermind Hotseat Today:

Matthew Childers is an artist and comic book creator living in East Tennessee. He is known for his work in fantasy and horror and his custom cover commissions. He has contributed to Cthulhu Is Hard To Spell 1 & 2, created the Adventures In Pulp anthology, and drawn for Dynamite Comics. He also works as a digital art director and designer.

In the Mastermind Round Table:

E.N. Ejob (Publisher, Writer)
Bitsy Tandem (Comics & Manga Writer & Artist)
Rene Pfitzner (Comic Artist, Writer & Animator)

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How aligned is what you sell with the content you create and the people you’re attracting?

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