Writer George O’Connor is gearing up to launch his first big anthology project, Toddlerpocalypse, and is looking to brainstorm reward and campaign ideas to help take this launch to the stratosphere. A group of talented creators helps George unlock some brilliant ideas in this mastermind style session.

Highlights of This Session Include:

  • One “so obvious” thing George never even thought about adding to his campaign!
  • Approaches (and challenges) to adding prints to a Kickstarter launch.
  • Ways to lean into the theme of the anthology for unique rewards.
  • Plus: ComixLaunch Listener feedback

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In the Mastermind Hotseat Today:

George O’Connor likes to write. A lot. He’s created three graphic novels, Healed, Silent Knight, and Baby through Homeless Comics. As a part of the Boston film community, he helped create over sixty short films, filling in every role needed to make the thing happen. He’s the writer, producer, and director of the digital series 664-The Neighbor of the Beast. He was head writer and co-creator of the podcast Phone Hugs & Therapy. And somehow, he also juggles playing guitar in his metal and punk bands.

In the Mastermind Round Table

  • Ryan Claytor (Professor of Comic Art, Comic Creator & Podcaster)
  • Robert A. Multari (Comic Book Writer, Graphic Designer)
  • Jaymie Dylan (Cartoonist, Comic Creator/Artist)
  • D. P. Brown (Comic Writer, Podcaster)

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Which idea that was generated for George’s launch will you add to your next Kickstarter?

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