Nightwolf creator Rob Multari is back on the podcast to share insight from the trenches as he is attempting to diversifying his product line beyond just comics. In this interview, you’ll hear Rob’s experience developing a new plush toy for his most popular series, his experiments and challenges with digital figures, and how he’s approached launching it all on Kickstarter.

Highlights of This Session Include:

  • Rob walks us through the process of creating a plush toy from one of your comic creations step-by-step.
  • What Rob did to try to bring his comic collector fanbase on board the plush launch… even if they aren’t interested in toys!
  • Why Rob decided NOT to offer 3D Figures of his characters during this launch!
  • Plus: A small, but cool Kickstarter platform update!

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Today’s Featured Guest:

Rob Multari is the founder and publisher of Lone Wolf Comics, and the writer of the ongoing supernatural comic book series Night Wolf and its successful spin-off SNOW PAW, which have both been successful funded on Kickstarter. He brings a strong background in graphic design, digital marketing and web development.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Show:

Check out Rob’s latest launch Night Wolf Voodoo Doll 12″ Plushie & 6 New Connecting Covers on Kickstarter:

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