ComixLaunch_Green014ComixLaunch host Tyler James is interviewed by Walter Haas of Kickspy, in an effort to uncover the secrets of successful Kickstarter projects.

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Today’s Session…

I have a very special interview for you today… in the hot seat getting interviewed is a creator who has successfully run 7 Kickstarters and raised nearly $170K on the platform… you may have heard of him… his name is Tyler James.

Now, before you think I’ve gone crazy and I’m interviewing myself on the show, or that my ego has super sized, let me tell you what’s up with this week’s session.

A few weeks back, I was contacted by a gentleman named Walter Haas, a mathematician in San Francisco and who’s been studying successful Kickstarter projects for the past few years. For a while, he ran a site called analyzing Kickstarter projects.

While Walter is primarily focused on the quantitative research side… he now wants to focus more on the qualitative side to balance out his knowledge of the platform. As such, he’s talking to successful KS creators, seeking to pick their brains, similar to what I do in my interviews with creators, trying to find the mindset, strategies and tactics that lead to success.

So, he asked if I’d talk to him… I agreed, on one condition… that I could record the interview, for the benefit of YOU, ComixLaunch.

And so that’s what I have for you today! But first…

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The Tyler James Interview

Here’s Walter’s list of Questions for Tyler James… We touch on most of these!

General Discussion Topic

  • What would you say are the biggest factors that led to your phenomenal success with your last Kickstarter campaign? Is there one or a few things that stand out the most?

To Connect with Walter Haas, email him at [email protected].

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Final Quote

“It’s much easier to do things right from the start than to fix them later.”

– Guy Kawasaki


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