Does your entire creative career feel like a struggle? Do you constantly feel like no matter how hard you work, you’ll never measure up? In this session of ComixLaunch, writer and editor James Powell (Ten31 Publishing) opens up about his own struggles with creative insecurity and how he’s fought back against them.

Highlights of this Session Include:

  • How the pressures put on ourselves to be great can be the very thing that’s holding back greatness.
  • Is suffering for our art really necessary?
  • Juggling your creative life with life life.
  • Plus: The power of giving up (for a while.)

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Today’s Featured Guest

James Powell is the creator of House of Fear and Ten31 Publishing, which specializes in scary comics for kids.  He’s a writer, journalist and editor whose work has been published by Image and Dark Horse.

Links Mentioned in this Episode

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How to Find Out More About Today’s Featured Guest

Check out for Scary Comics for Kids with the House of Fear series.

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