In this session, Tyler walks you step by step through a simple, proven, free strategy to add your first or next 100 subscribers to your email list in the next three days or less. This strategy has a 100% success rate for creators who follow it to the letter.

Highlights of This Session Include:

  • Why having grandma on your email list is a good thing!
  • The “grand opening strategy” for priming your email list with people who know, like and trust you.
  • Warning: What’s easy to do is also ___.
  • Plus: A cool update for creators on Patreon!

Today’s Session is Sponsored By:

‘Anubis: Dog of Death’, a supernatural action comedy. Issue 1 is live on Kickstarter February 4th.

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Anubis: Dog of Death on Facebook
Free Kickstarter Strategy Call:

More About Our Sponsor:

Anubis: Dog of Death’ is a supernatural action comedy series.

As the name indicates, it stars Anubis, the Egyptian god of death. But while he was once a feared and respected deity, in today’s modern world he has lost most of his believers, and thus most of his power.

He now has to navigate his new life as a tiny disgruntled purse dog in L.A., along with gods from all kinds of different religions who have suffered similar faiths.

Imagine American Gods, but with a dog Garfield as the main lead.

The kickstarter for issue 1 is going LIVE on February 4th! You can also follow the creator at for updates on the project.

Will you adopt Anubis, the dog of death, into your comic book collection?

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Execute the Grand Opening List Building Strategy


What is easy to do is easy not to do.

Jim Rohn

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