Does your creative output some weeks feel like this:

I think we’ve all struggled with the productivity demons at times.

There never seems to be enough time in the day…

(Are you sure we all get 24 hours? And what the hell do you mean it’s almost September?!)

Sometimes I think about changing the job title on my business card to“Professional Plate Spinner.”

With ComixTribe, ComixLaunch, game design, teaching, writing, publishing, podcasting, and also trying to have a family life and binge the occasional Netflix series (well done, Stranger Things) I’ve certainly had to learn a few things about being productive and getting things done.

Recently, I received an email from a ComixLaunch listener who wrote:

“In the beginning of the year, my goal was to work up to 1 page per week, but we’re half way through the year and I’ve gotten even slower with my updates. I think failing to meet this goal was bad for my psyche.”

Been there, right?

Is there anything more frustrating than setting what sounds like a reasonable, or even gimme of an output goal, and still not hitting it?

Well, the good news is, that creator was able to find some encouragement from a recent episode of the ComixLaunch podcast and is refocusing and revamping his goals for the rest of the year.

But it got me thinking… what else can I do to help?

So, I started writing a long email to send back to that creator, detailing some of my best productivity tips.

But then I realized, “Wait a minute…”


So, that’s why, instead of a long email to one creator, I’m going to do a free LIVE online workshop sharing a framework I use for productivity that will help writers & artists get more done in the limited time that we all have.

And I’m inviting all the creators I know to be a part of it.

Wait, did Tyler just refer to himself as a bad ass?

Heh, no.

BADASS is actually an acronym for the framework I’m going to present.

A no-prize to anyone who guesses what it stands for. We have one entry so far:

(Nice try, Clay! But no dice.)

What I’m going to present on Wednesday night is:

  • A simple, memorable framework to help you know what to focus on when it comes to improving your productivity.
  • Loads of real examples of myself and other creators putting these principles into practice.
  • My top productivity tools, apps, and resources that I couldn’t get things done without.

This will be a live interactive workshop that will be video streamed with a built-in chat room, so that you all will be able to contribute to the discussion, and share your best strategies and resources as well.

As always happens with these things, the collective wisdom in the audience alone will be well-worth your time.

Click here to register for BADASS Productivity for Writers & Artists, a free online workshop this Wednesday at 8:30 pm EDT.

What if I can’t make it? Will there be a replay?

Look, there’s no sugar coating it…

You’ll get the most value from attending live, so you can mix it up in the chat room with the other attendees.

But if you can’t make it, the session, including all of the notes, links, resources mentioned, etc. will be archived inside of Club ComixLaunch, our Patreon site.

So, while the live workshop is free for all, the replay will be a Patron-only exclusive thing.

But whether you’re in the Club or haven’t joined yet, the best thing to do is to show up live!

And step one is to register here:

Click here to register for BADASS Productivity for Writers & Artists, a free online workshop this Wednesday at 8:30 pm EDT.

See you there!



P.S. Already registered?

Help us get a few more creators to join us:

“Join me for the BADASS Productivity for Writers & Artists Workshop with @tylerjamescomic –”

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